VA Profile: Dembo Inc, VA Services

Stephanie Coradin, owner of Dembo Inc, VA Services lives and works in Pembroke Pines, Fl. She specializes in supporting the food and beverage industry and is bilingual offering French/English translation services. Here are Stephanie’s responses to my questions. Continue reading

Podcast: True Harmony Media

Listen to the Interview with Darlene Victoria Gonzalez

True Harmony Media

I had the pleasure of interviewing Darlene Victoria Gonzalez, owner of True Harmony Media and host of “A Virtual Perception” and “Your Blooming” podcasts.

Darlene talks about her… Continue reading

VA Profile:

LissaDuty.comI am happy to be profiling Lissa owner of who has a real passion for social media.  You need only look at her twitter following, or her website to see that she knows what she is talking about.  Recently she was contacted by Social Media Guru @MariSmith, author of the book Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, to help out at a local event. How did Mari find Lissa? Through Lissa’s profile on Twellow! And that’s no fluke, if you search for Virtual Assistant on Twellow, Lissa’s profile is #14 of 1,800 or so listings. I asked Lissa some questions about herself and her business and this is what she had to say. Continue reading

VA Profile: Virtual Assistant Center

Sloan Kelley is the owner of Virtual Assistant Center in Hollywood, FL.  Here is a little about Sloan in her own words.

Why did you become a VA?

To have more freedom in my career and life choices. As a previous business owner, I miss the challenges and learning that came with the responsibilities. Continue reading

VA Profile: Wise Virtual Solutions

Danielle Kubus is the founder of Wise Virtual Solutions in Tampa, FL specializing in social media marketing.  After being laid off from a small company without notice, Danielle decided she wanted to find a way to work at home while caring for her children.  She did lots of research on the VA industry and spent some time reading information posted on the Virtual Assistant Forums website, which provides many helpful resources for new and veteran VAs alike.  Once she was comfortable, she jumped right in!  She has found something she is passionate about and that will surely carry her a long way. I asked Danielle some questions about herself, her clients and her business and this is what she said. Continue reading

VA Profile: Virtually Distinguished

I had the opportunity to connect with Michelle Church, owner of Virtually Distinguished currently in Atlanta, GA. From reading the many posts in her two blogs, it is clear that Michelle has a very positive attitude and as well as a “wind beneath your wings” approach to servicing her clients.  I particularly liked the post on her Virtually Speaks Blog about a mistake she made with a WordPress blog she created.   Two things impressed me about this, the tenacity she demonstrated as she worked through the problem until it was completely resolved (learning lessons along the way) and that she not only posted it to her blog, she created a category entitled “Mistakes”.  That to me proves that Michelle is someone who is completely honest with herself and her clients.  I asked her what have become my usual set of questions and here are her responses. Continue reading

VA Profile: Cape Cod Virtual Assistant

Morie Burke - Cape Cod VAI recently met Morie Anne Burke over the phone as she was interviewing me for her client, whom she was no longer going to be able to service.  I was asked by the client if I minded speaking with Morie, who would be a good judge of whether I was qualified to take on the work he had.  I agreed and wondered how the conversation would go.

Morie called and inside the better part of a minute, I felt like I knew her for years.  She was down to earth and practical, qualities I admire in a professional.  I felt comfortable asking the questions I had and she gave straightforward answers as well as some tips for working with the software that was required.  After passing off the account to me, she remained available to answer any questions that came up.  I asked Morie if I could interview her for this blog and she agreed.  I sent out interview questions to a few people late one night and Morie was the first to submit her answers early the next morning.  She is a fantastic writer who puts me to shame.  You will see submissions by Morie as time goes by, as she has agreed to contribute to this blog. Continue reading

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